Best Places to Buy

If you have access to, it is the best place and sometimes best prices to get all your Korean skin care products.

Due the raising interest in Korean skin care industry globally, there have been so many new online places to get these products. Here is list of some but it is not an extensive list:

Online US Based Companies

  • You can get 20% for your first purchase by using clicking here. Free shipping for order over $35 for US and they do ship internationally. Their price points tend to be little more expensive than other websites.
  • They offer free shipping for order over $40. They have exclusive brand for their products so you probably can find the best deal for these brands with them. They used to have a lot of other products but they changed their business model.
  • They are curated quality Korean products. They offer $10 off $50 order for first time customer. You can click here for that offer. You also get free US shipping for order over $50 with free samples. They have some unique brands. Their products tend to be little pricey.
  • They are curated quality natural Korean products. They offer 10% off $50 order for first time customer. You also get free US shipping for order over $50 with free samples. They have some unique brands and products. Their products tend to be more expensive.
  • They are created by two sisters. They offer variety products and some unique ingredients products. And they offer 10% for the first order and free US shipper for order over $50. Some products might be little pricey than Amazon.

Online International Based Companies

  • They are Hong Kong based company. I do affiliate with them. They offer free shipping over $35 and they ship to most countries. For the first time customer, they offer $10 off. They also sale other Asian skin care products. Price sometime is comparable or cheaper than The Best time to buy is to watch out for deal or sale.
  • They like Korean Department Store. They do ship internationally from Korea but charge a shipping fee.      You need to account for that in your cost per item price. They have huge selection of Korean skin care products. You need to know what you want to ease of navigating.
  • They offer free shipping internationally for order over $60. They ship directly from Korea. They have a quite a bit of selection.
  •​ They ship from Korea. They offer free shipping to US and Australia for order over $70 and $80 respectively and the weight of the shipment must be less than 4.4 lbs.

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