Overnight Makeover with Best Korean Face Masks

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Do you have an event this weekend that you want your skin look its best? Do you want to jump start your facial routine? Do you want to instant change to your current skin? If you answer yes to one of these questions then Korean face mask is your answer!

You can use facial mask daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s up to your need and the timing of your desired results. If you have never use facial mask before or need your skin to look nice for a weekend event, then using daily for a week that would help to see the difference faster. Gradually, you can use twice a week or once a week.

There are Too Many Kinds of Korean Facial Masks

There are many types of facial masks and they have their own functionalities. I have outline below the pro and con of each type of masks and best Korean facial masks.

Korean Sleeping Mask

This type of mask, you apply at the end of your evening skin care routine then you sleep with it and wash it up in the morning.

Pro: it allows deep penetration into your skin and your skin can absorb all the nutrient in the mask. It has long exposure which can make it more effective than other type of mask.

Con: if the mask is not dry, it can get messy when you move around during your sleep.

My top favorite is Laneige-Water Sleeping Mask. The cheapest place to buy is on Amazon.com.

This mask is so hydrating. It will leave your skin smooth, moist and dewy. This mask is perfect for the winter when the weather tends to be drier. My skin stay hydrate all day long. For a mom who doesn’t have a lot of time, this is a great way to boost my tired skin to a refreshing look without too much effort. I do enjoy the look of my skin in the morning after this mask. Many users also have great experience with this product as well. You can check out their reviews on here.

Korean Sheet Mask

You usually can apply this mask after cleansing either in your morning or evening routine. After the mask, don’t rinse it off. Just leave it as it then continue to the rest of routine.

Pro: it is hygienic since it comes in individual package. It stays put if you aren’t moving around too much. During this duration, you can take time to relax or enjoy your favorite entertainment. Most of the sheet masks are packed with high concentration of vitamin and minerals. So you can enjoy a dose of nutrient rich mask in a short duration. They are best for hydration effect.

Con: it won’t cleanse or exfoliate deeply. It can become pricey if you use them daily. It is not one size fit all so they can get messy. You need dedicated time for this routine. If you are a mom like me, sometimes you don’t have the time to do it more often.

The most effective and affordable: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask. The cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

It comes in a package of 16 sheets of various essences. You can use difference essence each time depending on what your skin concern. I use this sheet mask twice a week. It is pretty affordable. The sheet is thin but it does the job. The mask scent varies but it is not too overwhelming. I use this mask 2x a week. I’m happy with the price and the result of this mask.


On a little on the pricey side, Ariul 7 Days mask is awesome. The brand is less known but the quality of the mask is on par on some top brand. The sheet is thick and soak with intensify level of essences so the mask won’t dry out during your application. You can see the different with just one mask. The best place to get it is at Amazon.com. It is my to-go to if I want an instant boost.

Korean Wash-Off Mask

You can use this mask after cleansing. After the usage time, you can wash this off and then continue with your skin care routine.

Pro: it will stay put so you can move around, do chores or do whatever you want. It is more affordable than sheet mask. It takes similar time as the sheet mask.

Con: it can get messy. Some can act as exfoliater which can lead to dryness.

The most popular and affordable is this Innisfree Super Volanic Pore Clay mask. I use this when I have a break out. It is so effective. It calms my blemish after just one use. I use it more often on my T-zone where it gets oily. Say no to more to pimple! It also exfoliates and keep my blackhead at bay. Thanks to this mask, my skin has never been cleaner. Just a word of caution, this mask does make your skin a little dry. So make sure you use a good moisturizer to prevent dryness.

So Are You Ready for a Makeover?

Any of this type of mask would do wonder to your skin. Whether you have dry skin, dull skin, large pore or sun damage, a mask will definitely sure to solve your problem. What I love about Korean skin care product is that it is very affordable and nowadays very accessible. You can buy most of these masks from Amazon or you can check out here​ for more places to get these products.

I have purchased most of mine on Amazon.com​ and Yesstyle.com​. The Amazon links that I provide with the products are authentic products made in Korea from legitimate sellers. Yesstyle.com​ are authorize dealers for all the Korean skin care products so I trust them. Other US based companies also provide authentic products as well.

Hope you find this post useful and feel more confidence to give one of these types of masks a try. I use all type depending on my skin issue at the moment. Currently, I use different mask in summer and winter.

Feel free to leave your comments, thoughts or questions below.


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